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Introduction to the Matcha tea ceremony

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The history of the tea ceremony dates back to the 12th century. It is not only a preparation of Matcha green tea powder. It is about reaching the sphere of spirituality. Harmony, respect, purity and peace of mind.

Let’s go back to the 9th century: the Japanese monks, after a stay of study in the great monasteries in China, returned to Japan, bringing in their luggage the precious green tea leaves.

Over time, the tea ceremony, reserved only for aristocrats, froze in a very solemn fashion. Finally Sen no Rikyu came: this great Tea Master, who lived in the sixteenth century, revisited and democratized the tea ceremony in a simple and immutable form, which the Japanese people adopted and practiced fervently.

Sen no Rikyu celebrated it in a small rustic pavilion with modest and discreet objects. It was all the Zen spirit of simplicity and meditation put into action.


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