Initiation à la cérémonie du thé

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The history of the tea ceremony dates back to the 12th century. It is not just a preparation of matcha green tea powder. It's about reaching the sphere of spirituality. Harmony, respect, purity and peace of mind.

Going back to the 9th century, the Japanese monks, after studying in the great monasteries in China, returned to Japan, bringing with them the precious green tea leaves.

Over time, the tea ceremony, reserved only for aristocrats, froze in a very solemn fashion. Finally Sen no Rikyu came: this great Tea Master, who lived in the sixteenth century, revisited and democratized the tea ceremony in a simple and immutable form, which the Japanese people adopted and practiced fervently. Sen no Rikyu celebrated it in a small rustic pavilion with modest and discreet objects. It was all the Zen spirit of simplicity and meditation put into action.

During the tea ceremony, all the gestures of both the Tea Master and guests are important. The Tea Master purifies the long spoon with a cloth of silk, warms the water to the right temperature, deposits the matcha powder in a bowl with a bamboo spoon, pours over the hot water and creates the frothy mousse of the matcha tea using a small bamboo whisk.

The guests first enjoy the sweets served on traditional Japanese paper. Then the tea, in a few precise and immutable gestures: turning the bowl in their hands to appreciate the beauty and share it with the other guests, drinking it all in three and a half sips etc…

For all the accessories of the tea ceremony, the Masters of tea seek the beauty of the most humble objects: tea bowl (Chawan), cast-iron kettle (Chagama), tea box (Natsumi), bamboo whisk (Chassen), pottery with simple and clean forms, etc.

Jugetsudo By Maruyama nori invites you to the tradition of the Tea Ceremony. After a demonstration of the tea ceremony, each participant tastes matcha tea in the respect of tradition, which is serene and serious, but not boring at all, and even cheerful!

A moment to share, to offer, a real discovery.

A mystic experience for some, soothing for all, delicious all the same: the flavor, sweetness, and texture of matcha tea are exquisite.

Or how to eliminate stress and access a serene world through the contentment of all the senses.

Cérémonie du thé Cérémonie du thé


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